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Probability and Statistics

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Learning Targets:
  • I can show my understanding of math vocabulary using visual, verbal and non-linguistic representation.
  • I can compose survey questions that do not show cultural bias, to find information.
  • I can create a graph representing my survey results.
  • I can interpret and and make predictions based on information in a graph.
You Be the Teacher: Each class will be given a list of Probability and Statistics vocabulary words. Classes then create a multimedia way to teach the words to others. Some examples would be creating "vocabucasts", (a podcast where each word is defined and used in a sentence.) a slide show, a video, post pictures, etc.


Sept. 28 (Send projects to share t56linc@gmail.com by this date.)

Graphing the World: Students compose a survey to share with the other classes. Survey results will be graphed and shared on our Wiki.

Oct. 12 Surveys should be sent to t56linc@gmail.com by this date. Surveys will be shared with other classes.

Oct. 27 Classes should have responded to surveys. Each class will recieve results for their survey and will be able to evaluate the results. Students will make graphs to post.

Nov. 10 Classes should post t56linc@gmail.com the results of their survey.

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